Do you offer custom sizing, colour options or custom designs?

We offer custom sizing and colour options for our wall coverings.  This is a partnership between you and SLCheval where you make a wall covering decision and provide us with wall measurements and pictures of your wall(s) - along with your choice of colour and pattern.

What is your quoting process for custom projects?

Once we receive your project information, we then prepare a quote that is specific to you - taking in to account all aspects of sizing so you don't have to sweat the details. Then we email you a quote, and you have one month to accept and purchase.  Once payment is received, we custom print your project (No waste - it is a custom creation of your vision), and ship it to you for installation by your preferred local installer.  

What are the differences between matte vinyl and luxe leather?

Matte Vinyl is a standard offering with a smooth surface and matte finish for fine detail and strong colour saturation. It requires a very smooth surface as your wall imperfections may show through. 

Luxe Leather is our luxury offering - it is a vinyl wall covering with a rich leather type finish of great depth and texture.  

Do you have a minimum size for a custom order?

Yes - a minimum order must be 30 square feet.  Anything smaller, please see the panel offerings which include both types of textures in our standard patterns and colours  with 9 square feet of coverage.

Do your wall coverings work on textured walls?

If there is texture on your walls, we recommend purchasing a sample first. The raised bumps of a textured wall reduce the amount of surface area that our adhesive can attach to, thus increasing the chances of having future issues. Consult your installer before completing your custom wall covering ordering. 

Can I install wall coverings over existing wallpaper?

It is not recommended.

Can I apply my wall coverings to other surfaces other than my wall?

Yes! Just be sure the surface is smooth and free or dirt, residue, or dust.  We offer convenient panels (3 square feet) for your projects.

What type of paint works best with removable wall coverings?

Most paints have a flat finish (non stick paint finishes will not work) and need no special preparation beyond being clean and free of oil, grease and dirt. If there are obvious holes, it is recommended to patch them before your paper goes up. If it is a newly painted wall, be sure to let it stand at least four weeks before applying the wall coverings

Do the panels need to be overlapped or can they be butt seamed?

We recommend overlapping the matte vinyl panels to avoid splitting of the seams with changes in temperature or climate (we provide about a one inch overlap). Don't worry - we will spell out these details to you in your custom quote.  Panels must be installed from left to right (and matte vinyl overlap with the right panel overlapping the panel to its left).  

 Do you offer samples?

Yes, our samples are 9” x 9”. The pattern for the wallpaper is to scale, and a sample does not give you an entire image.  Buying a sample is a wise choice to make sure you know the colour, texture, and adhesiveness to your wall before you make a custom wall covering purchase.

What if I am a designer and need to see all of your swatches? 

No problem - simply contact us to order a swatch book ($50 plus shipping) which comes with 7 designs on luxe leather or on matte vinyl (one texture per swatch book).  We look forward to building relationships with our interior design community.

What if I want to install wall coverings in my commercial space?

Contact us with your needs!  We have options for custom commercial which include paste the wall, custom matte vinyl, fire grade considerations, and a guideline for working with your installer

How long will it take to ship my order?

Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to ship (Shipping times may be longer during holiday seasons)

 Do you ship worldwide?

We ship only to Canada and the United States at present

 Will I have to pay duty or custom fees?

Your country may charge duty or custom fees.  Please check with your post office prior to placing your order.  Any import fees or taxes (customs fees) levied by the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.  Such fees are not covered by shipping.

Can I change my shipping address once I’ve placed my order?

Please contact us immediately if you need to change your shipping address. Note - we ship custom wall coverings via Fedex so are not able to deliver to P.O. boxes.

Do you offer cancellations and/or refunds?

We do not issue refunds or cancellations.  Please place an order only after you are sure as all of our offerings are custom created once you purchase. If you have any issues with your order once you receive it, please contact us at info@slcheval.com

How do I cancel my order?

We print on demand, and your custom order will likely be printed the same day you make your purchase. Therefore, all products are made to order and are final sale.