About Us

Almost 15 years into Shannon Lawlor 's fine art career, a challenging proposition was requested by a client, which shaped into the subsequent evolution of her flagship collection of hand designed wallpaper. What emerged was no less than a renaissance of wallpaper embracing the Modern West, underpinned by the realism which Shannon is famous for. After interpreting her hand designed images into digital print technology, a new era unfolded where minimal became magnified and the ‘Tapadero Collection’ came to fruition.

Shannon's flagship Tapadero Collection  is a bold nod to the Modern West seeping with originality, elegance and simplicity. In this collection, you will find the authentic elements of the West including bison, longhorns, cowboys, their gear and naturally, the horse.  

Inside of SLCheval, a team evolved between Shannon Lawlor & Pat Minor. With both parties being ambassadors of the authentic West, it was a natural tributary into all things SLCheval. While deeply rooted stewards of the West are drawn to Shannon’s designs, the details of the Tapadero Collection also bridge naturally into urban appeal.

The Tapadero Collection, a wallpaper renaissance in its own right, welcomes you to explore the edginess of the Modern West with customizable wallpaper and DIY options straight from the artist to you.

Shannon Lawlor - Founder & CEO, SLCheval

Pat Minor - Co Founder, SLCheval