custom peel and stick wall covering damask tapadero patterns

Custom Wall Coverings

The wall covering renaissance of the West has been cleverly created with the Tapadero Collection. Authentic components of the original West meet the contemporary edge of today’s West. Featuring interchangeable patterns and colour combinations on Luxe Leather or Matte Vinyl wall coverings. Made easy with custom printing and sizing for your interior design needs.
canvas fabric damask tapadero patterns


The Tapadero Collection will have cowhands from near & far raving about your flair for fine details.  Our plain weave poly canvas is perfect for upholstery projects such as chair covers, table linens, tote bags. (Please expect 3 weeks between order and delivery)
DIY wall panel peel and stick damask tapadero designs

Self Adhesive Decor Tiles

Make your mark with a three square foot tile of peel & stick in your choice of matte vinyl or luxe leather.  Easy peasy evocation of the new West.  Perfect for small space lovers, kitted out campers, and working cowhands.