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It Starts With a Swatch

It Starts With a Swatch

So many great inspirations, where do you start? You have a great idea for a feature wall in your dining room.  Your study needs an update.  Your brand new mudroom turns into the best feature of your house.  And now you want a custom wall covering from the Tapadero Collection.  

Start with our swatches!  We offer choices with differing colour, texture and pattern variations.  And we want you to love your results.  That is why we offer 8" by 8" samples. 

Once your swatches arrive in the mail - the fun starts.  Compare the colours and textures.  Check out the adhesiveness - all of our wall coverings are peel and stick - just like our swatches.  You can adhere the sample to the wall and make sure you are pleased with the look before you ever move on to a quote. 

You will be able to see that our matte vinyl texture works best on a very smooth wall surface, and our luxe leather texture is a little thicker and more forgiving of wall surface imperfections.  You will be able to test how the swatch sticks to your walls - especially if you have any texturing on your wall surfaces. You can smooth it to the wall, take it off, and reposition it for another look.  We want you to be sure before your purchase.  

Once you decide on your wall covering choice - you can repurpose your swatch into a coaster.  Or a mouse pad.  We will leave that up to you because we will be busy doing the leg work on your feature wall with exact sizing and printing requirements for your unique custom quote.